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Skyblock S4 Patch Notes

New Season New everything! Hope you all enjoy this season and the updates to come!

  • New Spawn

  • New Pvp Map (with less holes -_-)

  • New Wild Realm (Reach level 25 to unlock)

  • New long awaited Maze Event

  • New Free Rank Quest System

  • New /login System (make sure to type /login everyday!)

  • New /trade System (you f&%#$!s kept asking for)

  • Completely reworked Shop for better use (Added Images)

  • Added new Discord Cape and Tag by linking to our Discord Server

  • Added 3 New Free Ranks “Menes, Anubis and Horus” from Rank Quest

  • Added Carrots to Permits and changed values needed

Added Gravestone for when a player die’s in PVP
Now when someone die's in pvp a Gravestone will appear where there died with their loot inside of it. Even if you fall in the void a Gravestone will spawn on the last block you was last on.
  • Added new Achievements

  • Added 5 NEW Wrath Enchants (gotten from the Elder Boss)

  • Added 7 new Custom Enchants

  • Added 95 new Quest to do (talk to the quest master at spawn)

  • Reworked /pinfo command (added shit info and cute little icons)

  • Increase CXP to all events to level up faster!

  • Added new Dialog UI for Quest Master and The Traveler

  • Changed Permits requirements to slow you all losers down

  • Changed Harvest Event Stage requirements

  • Changed Monster Event Stage requirements

  • Fixed Merchant Table Sell Tab

  • Players can now use both /tell and /m commands

  • Disabled Ender Pearls from working in Spawn

  • Sussy Baka owo among us

  • Disabled Bowing in PvP Spawn

  • Added a “Back” button in Island Upgrades Menu

  • Hollo's Staff now works on Nether Warts

  • The Sell Wand can't be sold with /sell anymore

  • Removed all “Killer Grace” Achievements

  • Removed Level 4-5 “Combat” Achievements from all Weapons

  • Removed Level 6-7 “Farming” Achievements from all Crops

  • Removed Level 8 “Farmers Grace” Achievement

  • Removed Level 5 “Challenger” Achievement

  • Removed Level 4-5 “Money Bags” Achievements

  • Removed Level 6 “Monster Slayer” Achievement

  • Changed Level 7 “Farmers Grace” Achievement from 5 Million to 2.5 Million Crops


New Wild Realm The new wild realm is a place where you can encounter strong as shit! mobs for epic loot! 2 New mobs you can find in the Wild while walking around is a "Evil Tree" and the "Elder Tree Boss". To go to the Wild Realm you must be Level 25+ and talk to the NPC near the AirShip. Find and kill the new "Evil Tree" to guarantee you 850 XP, 225 CXP, 20,000 Coins and will also drop new crafting materials (Latrare Shard, Tree Ramus) used for crafting new Arbor Gear! For fighting the new "Elder Tree Boss" its recommend to fight it in teams of 3 or more! Fighting this boss alone will guarantee your death with no reward as this boss is also fast as shit. However if you and your team manage to kill the boss you will earn 2,225 XP, 450 CXP, 55,000 Coins and will also drop new crafting materials (Elder Wood, Elder Ramus & Arbor Gear Crafting Recipe) used for crafting new Arbor Gear! New Arbor Gear Set!

Use your new crafting materials from the Wild Realm to craft the new power Arbor Gear! You will also need the crafting recipe dropped from the Elder Boss to craft the gear you wish to make! Arbor Gear and Recipe: Arbor Sword

Sharpness 5

Looting 2

Unbreaking 2

Ancient Powerful Sword crafted by rarest of rarest materials.

A chance to gain Strength 5 for 3 seconds

Enchants #/5:

Arbor Armor Set Bonus:

+500% XP from PvP Kills Crafting Requirements: #/380 Latrare Shards

#/100 Elder Wood

#/60 Tree Ramus

#/32 Elder Ramus

Cost: 15,000,000 Coins Also to craft


Arbor Bow

Power 5

Punch 1

Unbreaking 2

Ancient Powerful Sword crafted by rarest of rarest materials.

A chance to deal 200% more Crit Damage

A chance to gain CXP from PvP Kills

Enchants #/5:

Arbor Armor Set Bonus:

+500% XP from PvP Kills

Crafting Requirements: #/32 Latrare Shards

#/150 Elder Wood

#/120 Tree Ramus

#/100 Elder Ramus

Cost: 15,000,000 Coins Also to craft


Arbor Armor

Protection 4 - All

Unbreaking 3 - All

Feather Falling 3 - Boots Only

Ancient Powerful gear crafted by rarest of rarest materials.

Enchants #/5:

Set Passive:

+Speed 2 Effect

+Jump 1 Effect

Set Bonus:

+20% Movement Speed

+50% Less Fall Damage

+100% XP Gain form Wild Mob Kills

Crafting Requirements: #/180 Latrare Shards

#/120 Tree Ramus

#/70 Elder Ramus

Cost: 10,000,000 Coins Also to craft


New Free Ranks System Players can now grind for getting Free Ranks with Kits! If you are Rankless or not you can now grind to unlock 3 new Ranks/Kits Menes, Anubis and Horus Rank! Complete the Quest required to unlock them.

Unlocking Requirements: Menes Rank Quest

  • Slay 10,000 Mobs

  • Harvest 10,000 Wheat

  • Reach Level 15


- Menes Rank

- Menes Kit

Anubis Rank Quest

  • Complete Menes Quest

  • Slay 18,000 Mobs

  • Harvest 18,000 Potatoes

  • Reach Level 22


- Menes Rank

- Menes Kit

- /fly Perms

Horus Rank Quest

  • Complete Anubis Quest

  • Slay 35,000 Mobs

  • Harvest 35,000 Melons

  • Reach Level 30


- Menes Rank

- Menes Kit

- /fly Perms

- /nv Perms


New Custom Enchants

Get these new enchants from castor at spawn!


Grind: Gain 2x the Orbs or CXP when killing Mobs.

Karma: Deal 3x DMG to Mobs on Fire. Bows:

Night Fall: Blinds anyone in a 5x5x5 Area for 3 Seconds. Rail Gun: Shoots a slow fireball that deals -4.0 Hearts of DMG. Blazing: Shoots Arrows constantly for 3 Seconds. Tools:

Regrowth: Replace crops when broken. Armor:

Nullify: Immune to Procs for 4 seconds.

We have also increased the Proc Chance of Bows to 20% Chance Max


New Wrath Enchants

Get these wrath enchants as a drop from the Wild Realm "Elder Boss"

These Enchants function as normal CE's and do not require Souls to activite.

Wrath Of Ra (Sword/Axe): Deal more DMG during Day time. Level 1: Deal 3% extra DMG

Level 2: Deal 6% extra DMG

Level 3: Deal 9% extra DMG

Level 4: Deal 12% extra DMG

Level 5: Deal 15% extra DMG

Wrath Of Bast (Sword/Axe): Instantly kill stacked Mobs

Level 1: Kill 2 mobs at once

Level 2: Kill 3 mobs at once

Level 3: Kill 4 mobs at once

Level 4: Kill 5 mobs at once

Level 5: Kill 6 mobs at once

Wrath Of Satet (Bow): Increase your Movement Speed while holding the Bow

Level 1: Increase MS by 5%

Level 2: Increase MS by 10%

Level 3: Increase MS by 15%

Level 4: Increase MS by 20%

Level 5: Increase MS by 25%

Wrath Of Huh (Armor): Reduce Active Cooldowns for all Items

Level 1: 1% Reduce Active CD’s by 5%

Level 2: 2% Reduce Active CD’s by 10%

Level 3: 3% Reduce Active CD’s by 15%

Level 4: 4% Reduce Active CD’s by 20%

Level 5: 5% Reduce Active CD’s by 25%

Wrath Of Serket (Armor): Gain Extra Health

Level 1: Gain +2 HP

Level 2: Gain +4 HP

Level 3: Gain +6 HP

Level 4: Gain +8 HP

Level 5: Gain +10 HP

To upgrade a Wrath Enchant you need special Item "Soul Scroll" to collect souls from killed mobs to upgrade a Wrath Enchant. The Soul Scroll is gotten a drop from Apophis. Once you have souls needed, talk to the blacksmith at spawn.

Level 2: 2,500 Souls Level 3: 5,000 Souls

Level 4: 7,500 Souls

Level 5: 10,000 Souls


New Maze Event (Event starts every Tuesday & Sunday at 4pm EST) Once the Maze Event starts players would be able to do /event to join the event. Once done they will spawn at the Maze map but there would be an invisible wall that goes away after 2 minutes. Then your goal would be to reach the middle of the maze to fight the Minotaur boss for the new Epic Loot! There would also be Traps that Spawn Mobs to slow down the player.

4 Players are needed to stand at the middle of the Maze to summon the "Minotaur" Boss. Once the Minotaur Boss is killed a random new item will drop someone around the middle. Drops:

Minotaur Axe (Item: Diamond Axe)

Sharpness 6

Dropped from the Great Minotaur!

Passive: Slaying Mobs with this Axe gains 300% more XP

Minotaur Ring

Keep this Item in your Inventory for Passive Effect.

Dropped from the Great Minotaur!

Passive: +10% Damage to Bosses

Minotaur Emblem

Dropped from the Great Minotaur!

Type /claim to receive this Emblem

Minotaur Trophy

Dropped from the Great Minotaur!

Used for decoration and can be

placed anywhere in your Island

Then once the Item is collect the Event will end and the Top Damagers will receive these rewards: Top 1: 6100-10000 XP

Top 2: 5000-8000 XP

Top 3: 4100-6000 XP

Top 10: 2,000-3000 XP

Top 25: 1,000-2,000 XP

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Liam Musil
Liam Musil
Dec 22, 2022

When is season 5 .. I've been waiting😓


Yin Haru
Yin Haru
Feb 28, 2022

nice updated information


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Liam Musil
Jan 08, 2022



Dec 16, 2021


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