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  • Added The Abyss Immortal Item (Demigod Drop)

  • Added The Warden Immortal Set (Demigod Drop)

  • Factions can now change the color of their faction name once their faction reaches max level.

  • Added a logger for keeping track of how many challenges a user has participated in for a faction.

  • Added a logger option for when chest in your claim are destroyed with a creeper egg.

  • The blacksmith now has an option for adding souls to items.

  • -- Rather than doing /combine on souls over and over you can use the blacksmith to add a specific amount of souls to an item.



  • Legion (Ares) now requires a full set to be used.

  • Decreased Blood Bath (Artemis) proc chance 4 -> 3%

  • Control (Hestia) no longer removes resistance 2 or below.

  • Permaflame (Inferno) now has a 3 player limit.


  • Increased Good Deal (Hermes) proc chance 2 -> 3%

  • Increased Seafarer (Poseidon) proc chance 1 -> 2%

  • Increased Negative Speed (Nike) proc chance 1 -> 3%

  • Coral Protection (Aphros) now steals a random positive effect from your opponent

  • Aphotic (Typhon) now life steals 1.5 hearts.

  • Turkey Trot (Plymouth) mob now heals you 1 heart for every hit they get on your opponent.

  • Increased Rainbow Strike (Iris) proc chance 1 -> 2%

  • Increased Dark Shadows (Necromancer) proc chance 2 -> 4%

  • Increased Knights Resilience (Saber) proc chance 2 -> 3%

  • Increased Shine (Aether) enchant damage 2 -> 2.5 hearts.

  • Increased Dead King (Hades) proc chance 2 -> 3% & does 2 hearts of damage.

  • Increased Metallic (Hephestus) proc chance 2 -> 3% & the user gets resistance 3 while the blaze is alive.

  • Increased Trident (Poseidon) bonus damage from 1.5 -> 3.

  • Decreased Wild Roar (Artemis) proc chance 6 -> 5% and now spawns 2 bears that make your opponent bleed.

  • Chill now makes your opponent bleed 1 heart for 3 seconds.

  • Frosted now gives your opponent slowness and protects yourself from freezing for 3 seconds.

  • Increased Surf (Turtle) proc chance 2 -> 3% and removes jump boost correctly.

  • Increased Titan (Gale) proc chance 4 -> 5% and increased strength from level 3 -> 4.

  • Dishonor (Plymouth) now gives strength 3 for 4 seconds upon activation.

  • Increased Spooked (Krampus) proc chance 3 -> 4% and now turns you invisible for 2 seconds.

  • Excalibur (Saber) now gives slowness.

  • Scramble (ED) now life steals 1.5 hearts.

  • Trojan Army (Odysseus) horse has increased health 50 -> 80 and increased damage 1 heart -> 1.5 hearts.


  • Updated milestone rewards.

  • Added 2 new milestones - Relics decrypted and Potions Crafted

  • Adjusted seasonal rewards that players can earn.

  • You can now use an author scroll on rings.

  • Moved towers to be unlocked earlier in the community goals.

  • The towers will no longer have enabled/disabled times. It will always be open after its been unlocked from community goals.

  • Users that are targeted by /f focus will now show up as targets on the pvp compass.

  • Increased spawner stack limit from 10 -> 20.

  • When you withdraw from a faction bank, your log for amount of money donated decreases.

  • Faction claims have a limit of 10 vaults allowed per claim.

  • You can now put death tags on bows.

  • While the moshpit event is active, capping outpost will reward x2 strength.

  • Adjusted blood crate qualities to be more achievable.


  • Fixed an issue where you could send duel invites while having a pending duel invite.

  • Airborne CE Crouch ability no longer works while cleansed.


  • We are planning on enabling our winter event the week of 12/18/23. Find items to craft a limited time winter set and sword.


  • Pvp Token Revamp

  • Blessings from Gods

  • Koth Event

  • Lunar Crystal Event

  • Ability to dump relics you want to decrypt in a chest.

  • Developer Note: This update dosnt reflect everything we really wanted to include this season. So I added a short list of things we want to add but just havnt got to it yet! They will hopefully start getting include soon after the nether is implemented.


  • Developer Note: Due to life.. I wasn't able to get what we really wanted to release fully complete. We have been working hard to design a nether that players can explore, pvp and gather loot in. This feature is planned to be completed by 2024.

Potion Crafting

  • Along with the nether we are adding potion crafting. Users can collect various crafting materials throughout the nether that can be used to craft potions that give different buffs.

  • This also comes with a potioneer level that increases as a player crafts potions. Increasing this level can unlock new potions to craft and increase the duration of your crafted potions.

  • Potions can also be sold to the alchemist (Found in the nether) for big bucks.

Faction Crystal Perks

  • Factions can unlocked additional bonuses by crafting and using a faction crystal found in the nether.

Item Atonement

  • Users can craft a book of atonement. This book has the ability to increase some enchants past their max level by 1.

  • This item will be available to craft when the nether is released.

And more..

  • We have more things planned for the nether such as lava fishing, custom quest and bosses. We are hoping to have most of the things completed and released this season.

Nether Map Images:

(Hades Castle)

(Mining Caverns)

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