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Hello everyone. Thanks for checking out OP Factions latest update. I do apologize that it took longer to get everything done than I planned. I do hope you guys enjoy the additions to the game. I look forward to your feedback so I can make adjustments. NETHER

Nether Surface

  • This can be accessed from the nether portal at spawn.

  • Users aren't allowed to enter until the server meets the key fragment requirements.

  • *Fragments have a chance to be obtained after killing the Cerberus Boss in Towers or the Hades boss.

  • Users must be level 15 to enter the nether.

  • While in the nether, if you have not donated to the obelisk and are not wearing a mining helmet, you will have permanent darkness.

Nether Mobs

  • Added various nether mobs that spawn throughout the map.

  • Killing mobs will grant you XP and have a chance of dropping materials.

  • Each mob has its own drops for different recipes.

Nether Mining

  • You can now visit the nether to mine ores throughout the map.

  • You can find the sparkling hallows on the surface to farm glowstone and nether quartz.

  • Better ores can be found in the molten caverns

  • You can sell the ores for profit or use them for various recipes.

Nether NPCs

  • Hecate

  • *You can find hecate in your library on the surface of the nether.

  • *You can visit her to buy Books of Atonement that increase enchants past max level, or for a Book of Unity used to enhance Immortal Sets.

  • Hades

  • *Visit hades in his castle and complete his quest for additional nether bonuses.

  • Harmonia

  • *Visit Harmonia in Hades castle to craft a faction crystal.

  • *Faction crystals can be used to obtain additional perks for your faction.

  • Alchemist

  • *Visit the alchemist in Hades castle to sell potions.

  • *He will offer you plenty of coins for your journey to sell him potions.

  • Gatekeeper

  • *Located at the entrance of Tartarus, you can speak to him to get permission to enter the depths.

Molten Caverns

  • The molten caverns is the 2nd map you can visit in the nether.

  • Visit the whispering graveyard to obtain soul sand and bone blocks.

  • Visit the Burning Abyss to obtain crying obsidian and netherrite.

  • Users in the Burning Abyss will get darkness unless they have a mining helmet on.

  • PvP is not permitted in the Molten Caverns.

Mining Helmet

  • Crafted at the blacksmith

  • Doubles your chance of getting iron / gold scrap as well as shiny diamonds / emeralds when mining ores

  • Gives you permanent night vision and also removes the Darkness Effect when worn in the Nether Dimension.

Lord Demons Reflector

  • Crafted at the blacksmith

  • Using broken reflectors from the Lord Demon, you can craft a reflector that provides you temporary immunity to attacks, all physical hits on you will be reflected back to the user.

Movement Scrolls

  • Crafted at the blacksmith

  • Using Hooves from the Minotaur, you can craft a scroll that can boost you forward in the direction your looking.

Titans Blessing

  • Crafted at the blacksmith

  • Using the blood of the titans found from bosses in Tartarus, you can bless your item with random enchants (all enchants are max level)

Soul Cage

  • Crafted at the blacksmith

  • When a boss spawned in tartarus gets below 50% HP, you have the option to trap it using the cage.

  • You can place the boss in this weakened state at the outpost to attack players.

  • It will find and attack players that are not in your faction / allied faction of.

  • *A boss will also fight other factions spawned bosses (if any)

Potion Crafting

  • You can use the various materials you find in the nether to craft custom potions.

  • Increasing your potioneer level will unlock the ability to craft more potions and increase the duration of the potions you craft.


  • Located in the Burning Abyss, Tartarus is where the bosses choose to reside.

  • Visit Tartarus and pay the gatekeepers fee to take on bosses for rewards.


Winged Set

  • Crouched damage decreased from 1.5 -> 0.5 hearts.

  • Any damage done from the crouch is converted to health.

  • The Crouched Ability radius is increased from 4 -> 5 blocks.

  • There is now a maximum of 3 players being affected by the ability.

  • The Damage Boost has been decreased from 10% -> 5%.

Poseidon Armor

  • Guardians will not spawn if another Guardian is within a 20 block radius of it.

Warden Immortal Set

  • Added a +3 hearts set bonus (like other immortal sets)

Bow enchants now have a limit of being able to be activated once per second

  • Dev Note: “In the future I would like to experiment with bow enchants being influenced by how much power you put into your bow shot. More power = higher chance of activating and low power = less of a chance of activating”.


  • Added a 2nd Outpost option for users.

  • Gives 1 less STR per tick than Meteora

  • A max of 5 members of each faction can be in this outpost at once.

  • *Additional members will be denied entry

  • Dev Note: “The point of this change is to see if we can offer a solution to users who feel like they have no way to fight the large groups of players that conquer pvp. This is our first attempt at stopping a zerg playstyle.”


  • Increased Ender Pearl sell price by 100%

  • Increased String sell price by 60%

  • Removed the rebirth limit from pickaxes and fishing rods

  • Changed rebirth limit to 1.

  • Dev Note: “Next season I want to change it back to 2, and change the cost of having rebirths on your item”

  • Decreased bow overall damage by 20% from hits. (May need further adjustments)

  • Alligator Necklace is now considered a craftable by the filter system.

  • Added Refinements and what each one does to /support

  • Added potion crafting to /support

  • Added armor crafting to /support

  • Added the Tower to /support

  • Added the Nether to /support

  • Added custom fishing items to /support

  • When changing your name color, it will now save for when you log on next.

  • Axolotls in the tower AI Adjustments

  • *The first time they spit is now randomize (to prevent them from spawning and wiping someone)

  • *The damage the spit does is now between 1-2 hearts (rather than always 2 hearts)

  • Sand & Gravel will no longer fall from gravity

  • Fallen Demigods will now be split randomly between Meteora and Delphi Outpost

  • *The moshpit event will still only take place in Meteora

  • Dueling now requires a user to be level 15 (same as pvp)


  • Fixed Boss items such as Zeus Lightning

  • *Newly crafted ones will work, old ones will still not function correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where you could surround a 3x3 vault with a 7x7 vault

  • Fixed an issue where enchant effects wouldn't apply over your existing enchant effects

  • *This fixes an issue with resistance and turtle guardians

  • Updated many enchant projectiles to correctly hit 1 user rather than more than one.

  • Fixed an issue where Odysseus Bow Tornados would vanish right away.

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