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  • Added bonuses for prestiging and going through the mines again.

    • Added a sell bonus (10% bonus per prestige)

    • Added prestige mines for prestige 1 - 5

    • Added 5 exclusive ores that you can only obtain in the prestige mines


  • Ancient Chestplate Craftable

    • Obtained by crafting and using various dinosaur bones this chestplate comes equipped with the Fossil Fuel enchant.

  • Dinomite, Extreme Dinomite

    • Obtained by crafting and with various dinosaur bones, dinomite can be thrown into mines. The items explode, breaking blocks and giving you the drops.

  • Malachite Pickaxe

    • A custom pickaxe obtained by crafting it with malachite ingots.

    • Crafted like a normal pickaxe.

    • Stats on the pickaxe are still up for adjustments.


  • Added a “Craft All” button to the crafter for when crafting custom enchants.

  • Added Mana potions

    • You can now convert mana to potions to give to other players at the blacksmith.

  • New Custom Enchants

    • Restore Pickaxe CE - Repairs your pickaxe

    • Fossil Fuel - Explodes and knocks other users back (Craftable)

    • Miners Luck - Has a chance to double ores and increases your chance of finding random rewards.

  • Added vote parties.

  • Added a claim all option to the kit UI.

  • Added a reply command.

  • Added Play Time to user stats

  • Added Custom Scoreboards and options for them

  • Added 3d Clothes cosmetics system

  • Added clan commands for some UI pages.

  • Added Mana leaderboards to clans

  • Added Fossils that can be found in any mines.

    • Fossils drop dinosaur bones that can be used for crafting or converted to mana.

    • (This feature should be expanded on in the future)

  • Added most blocks broken leaderboard at spawn.


  • You can now remove items off of the Auction House

  • You can now enable or disable pickaxe breaking.

  • You can now change your scoreboard to auto switch between regular and PVP.

  • PvE Mobs are now located in the same world as PVP.

    • PvE mobs will not target players who are engaged in combat.

    • Mob spawns and spawn limits are still being adjusted.

    • Mob drops are now dependent on the amount of total damage done to the mob. (No loot stealing)

  • You can no longer see warps you don't have access to.

  • Enabled renaming items

  • Buffed sharpness (Still up for further adjustment)

  • Knockback with non-tool items have been reduced.

  • Ender pearl cooldown increased from 11 to 13 seconds.

  • Random events now give rewards to participants and more rewards to top 3 players.

  • Increased the amount of money you can gamble.

  • Increasing your clan to max level now unlocks additional member slots and has a special color in chat. (Dark Red)

  • Godfather Rank now has access to the exclusive Godfather wings and /echest.

  • Removed Auction house NPC and added /ah

  • Added /warp command to everyone.


  • Auto sell fixes

    • Blocks obtained from the Explosion CE now get sold if the user has auto sell on their pickaxe as well.

    • Auto sell will no longer sell custom item drops.

  • Fixed inconsistency with random drops for ranked/non ranked players.

I hope players enjoy this prisons update introducing some much needed quality of life changes as well as introducing some new content. Please continue to give feedback and suggestions on our discord about things you would like to see in the future!

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