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Prisons Season 2.1 Update

PvE - Due to popular request mobs are now leaving pvp, now will be in their own world! To get there do /warp and select PvE Small changes / Additions: • Mobs have been spread around the map and the spawn rate has changed from 5 minutes to 3 minutes • Reflection CE, This is only found on guard armor (Chance to reflect damage back)

• Health-Boost II, Adds 1 extra heart 1% Win chance from Iron Guards • Add snow to spawn (disable with /snow on or off) • Fixed Enchanter not giving correct information

New Mob:

• Snow Golem has been added and has a new drop • Ice Crystal's have a 5% drop chance and are now used to make the enchant


• 100 ❤️

• Throws snowballs (Medium-High attack damage)


Now that pvp is empty, we need a use for it (besides pvp) well here it is! When does this happen?

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6:30 EST On these days 4 Iron Guards will spawn and will have various rewards for the top 3 damagers! Iron Guard:

• 7,000 - 10,000 ❤️

• High attack damage

• Chance to freeze you and double attack Drops:

• Iron Guard Kit Items

• Protection 8, Unbreaking 8, Reflection 1

• Guards Heart - Used to make Health-Boost 2

NOTES: • All REWARDS are sent to top damagers mail • Guard Items can't be fixed, there will soon be a way to fix them in the next update so hold tight to them

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