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  • Yep, it's back. The summer event!! This year we stepped up our game and included some unique looks for the summer items.

  • Obtain Summer points from doing various activities around the server.

    • Mining relics, treasure chest

    • Killing mobs, bosses

    • Farming crops

  • Spend your summer points at the Summer Trader at spawn

  • Summer Armor:

    • Includes the same set of enchants as last year, but now as an improved look. (Stats same as diamond)

  • Solar Sword & Pickaxe

    • Now with their own unique look, and stats (slightly better than diamond)

  • Solar Axe

    • This one is just a normal diamond axe with the Solar Divine enchant on it.

  • This is just a few of the items you can obtain.


  • This event occurs every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM EST

  • It occurs at /boss and during this event, the boss timer will be frozen.

    • If the boss is already spawned when the event starts.. Good luck

  • Once the event starts, no one will be allowed to join, if you die you will not be able to retrieve your items

  • Kill mobs to be awarded points, finish waves for even more points. The players with the most points at the end of the event will be rewarded!

  • This event introduces the Zephyr Armor Set

    • NOTE: This armor is slightly stronger with protection and durability than diamond

    • Has no set bonus, but includes 4 unique and deadly enchants

  • This event also introduces Drachmas. After completing the event, depending on your standing you will be awarded drachmas. Drachmas can be spent at the Mob wave shop that is only open for 10 mins after the event.

  • You can spend drachmas to get access to more armor sets such as

    • The Winged Set

      • Includes a set bonus and dragon wings.

    • The Apocalypse Set (yea again)

      • Includes the Mob Shredder set bonus for making mob slaying even more rewarding.


  • Added CEExp Modifiers (obtainable from Mob wave shop)

  • Added author scrolls

    • Can be used to mark a item with your name

  • Added Hermes boss craftable “Caduceus”

    • This item can be crafted with 10 Reed Pipes obtained from Hermes

  • Added Brown Custom Storage

    • These are unique storage boxes that you can use at your base.

    • We hope this will help (not solve) with XRayers abusing normal Minecraft blocks.

  • Players with ED rank will get a free set of ED wings for their account.

  • Boss Crates

    • Top 10 boss damages now have a chance to be awarded an extra crate that spawns at /boss once the boss has died.

    • Opening these crates can give unique items and rewards.

    • We plan to expand the loot pool of this, next szn


  • You can pay extra to get a refinement back off an item at the blacksmith

  • Increased the max power level at the blacksmith from 5 -> 8

  • Increased the max lottery pool to 45 million (x3)

  • You can now purchase Custom TNT with Mob Coins (At shop)

  • Factions can now get 1 free chunk claim at level 50 (without meeting the STR requirement)

  • Creeper eggs require you to be level 10 to use them


  • Sponge TNT can now destroy lava

  • Royal now has a limit of teleporting 8 players

  • Replant now works with carrots and potatoes

  • Bows can now be used with Divine Blessings

  • Forge book cost increased from 2500 -> 4000

  • Cleansing potion cost increased from 6500 -> 9500

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