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  • The purpose of these changes is to help with useless armor sets in kits as well as introduce some new armor enchants to help with survivability during combat.

New Armor CEs:

  • Antidote - Has a chance to remove poison or wither effects on you.

  • Withering Curse - Has a chance to heal you instead of hurt you when taking wither damage.

  • Endurance - Has a chance to increase your resistance and heal you.

  • Last Stand - Has a chance to return 80% of your health when below 20%

  • Hardened - Has a chance to buff your armor protection rating temporarily.

  • Sustain - Has a chance to convert the damage you take into durability.

Kit CE Changes

  • Skylight (Aether): Gives yourself haste 4 for 5 seconds, and gives yourself 4 HP and a visual lightning strike on your opponent and sets them on fire for 3 seconds

  • PowerBreaker (Hercules): Same as before but also heals yourself by 1/2 of the amount of damage taken.

  • Guardian (Hecate): Has a chance to heal you +2 Hearts and give your opponent mining fatigue and wither for 3 seconds. (All enchant effects are doubled at night)

  • Flame Burst (Hephaestus): Now affects everyone in a 4 block radius. Enemies on fire take -1.5 hearts and enemies not on fire are set on fire for 10 seconds.

  • FireGod (Inferno): This enchant will heal you for 2 hearts if you are on fire. If you are not on fire, all enemies in a 5 block radius who are on fire will receive lava damage with half the damage of the attack. If they are not on fire, they are set on fire for 10 seconds and lose 1 heart. (Max of 5 enemies). This CE also no longer requires a full set to use.

  • Arthur (Saber): (Rename: Knights Resilience) - When the user is below 25% health, it has a chance to reduce all physical attacks by 75% as well as heal them for 25% of their health

  • Mythical (Pegasus): This enchant has a chance to heal yourself for 1/2 of the damage, give yourself regeneration 6 for 3 seconds, and remove a bad effect from yourself.

  • Dark Shadows (Necromancer): Has a chance to negate the attack (take no damage) and heal the amount of damage that would have been done. This also gives wither to your opponent for 5 seconds.

Armor CE Nullification Refinement:

  • This refinement gives temporary protection from all enemy CEs.


  • AH Requests are ways for players to request specific items and for other players to fulfill requests.

  • Players can have a max of 2 different request offers up at a time and they last 3 hours before they are deleted if not fulfilled.

  • When making a request, you can edit the title, reward amount and items you are looking to get.

  • Note: All items that can be requested are ones that are obtained through various in-game methods. Items like sets/GSwords would not be able to be requested.

  • Note: The items you can currently request include: CE Books, Craftable Ingredients and Kits.

  • If a player is able to complete your request, all they need to do is do /ah, find your request and it will take the items from them and mail them to you. They are given the reward you offered.

  • If you cannot afford to play the request when a user attempts to complete it, the request is canceled.


  • The point of these changes are to help faction bases or “titans” from being able to be easily crumpled in seconds from tnt fire.

  • Increase default obsidian health 40 -> 50

  • Increase cannon repeat shot delay from 1.5 -> 2.5 seconds

Added a grace period to Obsidian and Steel

  • These blocks by default have a 0 second grace period in which it can only take 8 tnt hits during that time.

  • During this grace period, if the block gets hit more than the allowed, the damage is ignored.

  • Added a Faction Perk to buff blocks in your claim.


  • A faction must be level 20 to use /f chest.

  • Removed faction quest.

  • Added faction modifiers (A modifier item that gives a boost to your entire faction).

  • Added confirmation UIs for faction promotes, demotes and kicks.

  • Increased the total cost of maxing out a faction from 800 million to 1.2 billion coins.

Increased cost of faction perks:

  • Level 1 : 400k -> 750k

  • Level 2: 2m -> 5m

  • Level 3: 3m -> 12m

  • Level 4: 4m -> 25m

  • Level 5: 5m -> 50m

Fortification Faction Perk - (Level 1 - 5)

  • This perk affects blocks like obsidian and steel in your claim.

  • Each level decreases the allowed amount of hits by TNT by 1.

  • Each level also increases the grace period by 1 second.

  • Each level also increases the health of blocks in your claim by 10 per level.

Faction Shop Changes

  • Faction points are now obtained from completing f challenge milestones.

  • Removed generators, raiding tools and random CE books.

  • New Items: Faction Modifiers, Large Water Bucket, Eleos Set & Sword, Lucky Looter CE


  • To assist all those dedicated farmers out there. Here are some new changes to crops!

  • Crops including Carrots, Potatoes and Melons now have a 2% chance of turning gold when they are fully grown.

  • Farming the crops gives you a random amount of coins between 1000 and 250k

  • During the lucky event, crops have a double chance of turning gold.


  • All players will now have access to the command /pv.

  • By default, each user gets 3 slots in their vault.

  • By completing the Deeper Pockets quest you can increase your vault slots by 3.

  • Deeper pockets can be obtained from giving the quest giver an Ultimate Quest Book. This item can be purchased on the store, or given as a reward from tier 5 quest.


  • Players can now find a miners backpack in various loot tables.

  • If the backpack is placed in your offhand, it will eat up blocks while mining. Blocks such as cobblestone, stone, dirt.

  • You can sell the contents of your backpack with /sellhand or /sellinv.

  • You can increase the type of blocks your backpack can absorb by obtaining a Soils Book and using it on your backpack.

  • You can increase the capacity of your backpack by obtaining a Finer Leather Book.

  • To obtain the Finer Leather Book you must complete the Finer Leather Quest.

  • Finer Leather Quest can be obtained from giving the quest giver an Ultimate Quest Book. This item can be purchased on the store or given as a reward from tier 5 quest.


  • We always want to continue to improve our events to help them always be something players can want to participate in.

Monster Event (While active)

  • Increase mob loot bag spawn chance by x1.5

  • Increase Exp from mobs by x1.5

  • Increase chance of getting mob coins by x2.0

Lucky Event (While active)

  • Increase chance of getting treasure chest by x1.5

  • During the lucky event your Tool CEs have a higher chance of activating

Stronghold Event (While active)

  • STR for kills are doubled at PVP

  • Higher chance of bonus STR from kills

  • Capping during the stronghold event gains you +25k in your faction balance

Fog of War Event

  • The king must now stay within 20 blocks of outpost cap to keep the crown

  • The king has 50% knockback resistance on all KB attacks.

  • Remove slowness effect from the king

  • When you are made the king your health is reset to max

Mosh Pit: (Event times)

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday -> 8:30 PM EST

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday -> 2:30 PM EST

Mob Wave: (Event times)

  • Monday, Thursday -> 8 PM EST

  • Tuesdays, Fridays 2 PM EST


  • Additional changes we have made that some people would like to be aware of.

  • New spawn world generation.

  • CEExp has been renamed to Arcana

  • Save coin flip losses.

  • Most CE Mobs will now despawn if the player who spawned them dies.

  • Disabled ingress during fog of war.

  • Disable f focus at fog of war.

  • Armor enchants can no longer be activated from poison or wither.

  • Players now earn 1/4 the STR they would have from pvp from kills in /wild.

  • Added a setting to view the quest compass bar at PVP.

  • Rebirths will no longer go to 0/2 and will now be removed off the item after 2 deaths.

  • The black market can have ring materials.

  • Added the ability to search for CEs using a keyword.

  • Added Fishing Scrolls

  • Removed the need to run /sellhand twice.

  • CE Colors are now based on the max level of the enchant.

  • Added /milestones - Additional rewards for reaching goals for your in-game stats.


  • A list of general CE balances we have made:

Permaflame (Inferno Sword):

  • Increase the amount of health damage done in AOE Attack: 1.5 hearts -> 2 hearts

Day Empowerment (Hemera Sword):

  • Increase proc chance from 2 -> 3%

Evil (Hades Sword):

  • Increase speed of baby zombies from 0.5 -> 0.75

  • Increase baby zombie CPS from 3 -> 4

  • Reduce baby zombie health per hit from 1.5 -> 1 heart

Luck (Hermes Sword):

  • Invis time increased 2 -> 3 seconds

Revenge (Nemesis Sword):

  • Removes an additional 0.5 hearts per negative debuff on the player.

  • The enchant also has a 4 player limit now

Counting Sheep (Hypnos Armor):

  • Increase proc chance from 2 -> 3%

Good Deal (Hermes Armor):

  • Increase proc chance from 1 -> 2%

Medic (Apollo Armor):

  • Increase proc chance from 3 -> 4%

  • Increase healing amount from 2.5 -> 3 hearts

Rainbow Fire (Iris Sword):

  • Remove additional 0.5 heart of damage from the victim hit with the enchant

  • Increase damage done to nearby players from 1 -> 2 Hearts

  • Added a limit of 5 players that can be affected by the AOE attack

  • Increase proc chance from 2 -> 3%

Titan (Gale Sword):

  • Increase strength duration from 7 -> 10 seconds

  • Also gives absorption 3 for 5 seconds

Stomp (Gale Armor):

  • Increase proc chance from 2 -> 3%

  • Stomp zombie health increased from 65 -> 75

Wrath of Apollo:

  • Has a 4% chance to steal 1 heart from all players in a 7x7x7 area (with a max off 5 players) and give that health to the player as well as inflicting the enemy with nausea, slowness and blindness for 2 seconds (30 souls to activate)

Wrath of Chronos:

  • Now has a 60 second cooldown between activations.

Wrath of Hera:

  • Has a 4% chance to give bonus health boost 9 for 5 seconds and also give the player regeneration 7 for 3 seconds (45 souls to activate)

Wrath of Duplication:

  • Has a 2% chance to spawn clones that duplicate and get smaller when killed. Whenever a duplicate is killed you are healed for 1/4 of your max health (45 souls to activate)

Wrath of Hephaestus:

  • Has a 3% chance to fix 25% of all armor worn at the time and set all enemies with fire and remove fire resistance in a 5x5x5 area (30 souls to activate)


  • Fix demeter auras not working properly for 30 seconds.

  • Fixed issue where you would lose rewards when voting

  • Fixed misinformation about the status of your refinement when removing it.


  • As always, thank you to everyone who chooses to support our server.

Aphros Bundle:

Aphros Rank / Kit:

  • Divine Embrace: (Replaces SeaDragger)

  • This enchant has a 3% chance of activating. When it activates, it will give you absorption 1 for 10 seconds. Each successful hit without getting hit back will increase the absorption level by 1 (max of 10). The enchant activating again while active, will reset the absorption to 10 seconds and wont reset the level.

  • Coral Protection: (Replaces Lucky Strike)

  • Has a chance to buff your armor protection by 50% reducing the amount of damage you take for that hit and reduces all of your bad effects by half its duration.

Other Items:

  • Gale GKit Shard

  • Neptune Cape

  • Trident Clothes

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