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Updated: Sep 15, 2023


  • Added vaults that can be placed in the overworld.

  • Placing a vault allows you to have an area that protects the containers and blocks inside.

  • Blocks are protected from being accessed and being destroyed as long as the vault is intact.

  • Users without permissions cannot access blocks in a vault and must destroy the vault to access it.

  • You can add up to 10 users to also have permission to access your vault.

  • Vaults can be destroyed with a drill.

  • Drills can be found in treasure chest


  • Added the ability to craft 4 different armor sets.

  • Everyone has an armor crafting level. Increasing this level will allow you to craft additional durability, defense and unbreaking to armor.

  • You can increase your level by crafting armor and materials in the armorer table.

  • You can purchase the armorer table at the shop.

  • While crafting armor in the armorer table, you can sacrifice LTR Kit Armor CEs for them to have a chance of being applied to the armor when it's finished crafting.

  • Only 1 CE is applied to the armor when it's done crafting.

  • Adding more than 1 CE increases the odds of one being applied.

  • Leveling up your armor crafting level also increases the odds of one being applied.


  • Changes have been made for how the tower works to help reduce the performance issues it caused for the server.

  • Tower floors are now all wave based.

  • Each floor will generate traps, treasure and mobs for you to kill.

  • Killing mobs and clearing floors quickly rewards your party with a score for the leaderboard.

  • Once you complete a floor, you are given the option to continue to the next floor or to leave the tower.

  • Developer Note: I have a lot more planned for the tower such as floor modifiers that could help or hurt you as well as more mobs and treasure for players. Feedback on this version would be much appreciated.


  • Reduced the highest level of power on bows from 8 -> 6.

  • Sandstorm tornados now merge if they are too close to each other after the enchant procs.

  • Hestia now requires a full set to activate.

  • Occultatum (Theseus Armor) now has a 30 second cooldown between enchant activation.

  • Fullmoon now applies blindness at night and its additional damage was increased by 25%

  • Passive now also does 1 heart of damage to your opponent.

  • Perish level 2 now adds an additional level of freeze.

  • The poison from toxic can now kill and now applies to all players in a 4 block radius.

  • Increase karma explosion size.


  • New shop (finally)

  • Updated pocketmine software version from 4 -> 5.

  • This comes with many changes such as performance boost and the abiltiy to use newer items/blocks such as netherrite.

  • You can now wear 3 different clothing types at once.

  • Projectiles can now proc custom armor enchants.

  • You can now proc enchants related to breaking blocks and get progress for some events in claims.

  • When you win a coin flip, 5% of the winning amount is now taken as a tax.

  • You can no longer duel if you have too many pending duel rewards in your mail.

  • Ancient wood chances now vary depending on the type of wood you are farming.

  • Wood cutter is now unbreakable

  • Adjusted the loot table for slot machines & greek crates.

  • Adjusted milestone rewards.

  • Increased money pouch rewards.

  • Added spider spawners to shop.


  • Fixed an issue where a combat logged entity would drop rebirth items.

  • Fixed an issue where you could get a 0/2 rebirth.

  • Arrows will now clear quickly.

  • Fixed an issue where you could still proc bow CEs while cleanses.

  • Fixed an issue where you could still be affected by Bow CEs while being nullified.

  • Fixed an issue where you would lose rewards when voting because of a full inventory


  • As always, thank you to everyone who chooses to support our server.

  • Hercules Bundle:

  • Hercules Rank/Kit:

  • Resolve: (Replaces Balance Breaker) - Gives your opponent slowness and blindness for 2 seconds. Boost your total damage by 5% for 5 seconds.

  • Eternal Strength: (Replaces Power Breaker) - Has a chance to give you resistance 4 and strength 3 for 3 seconds

  • Other Items:

  • Atlas GKit Shard

  • Mighty Trials Tag

  • Zeus Blessing Cape

  • Lion Hat Clothes

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