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We are bringing back the summer event from last year with a few new items for you to obtain! The way to obtain summer points is the same as last year. You can collect them from various grinding methods as well as from defeating the summer boss Horae. New Event Items:

  • Summer Ring - Has a chance to spawn with fireball or solar flare perks.

  • Summers Breeze Potion - Gives speed and jump 5 for 10 mins.

  • Grilled BBQ Ribs - Gives saturation and health boost.

  • New summer themed cosmetics.


  • 2v2 Duels - You can now party up with other players and duel in 2v2 groups. Duel settings are the same as 1v1 duels. We understand 2v2 duels may need some rule changes so we are open to correcting any weird feeling with them later on.

  • You can now salvage rings and get back part of their materials.


  • F War recodes/fixes to make the mode easier to understand.

  • Fixed /wild placing you in trees or in the middle of an ocean.

  • Adjusted Mob Coin and Arcana Rings to have more of bonus from level 1 to max.

  • You are now alerted via in-game message when your modifier has less than 5 minutes remaining.



  • Decreased the max lure waiting time by 20%

  • Increased sell prices based on per size by 15%

  • Increased sell prices based on type of fish by 15%


  • All armor enchants now will work individually from one another. Meaning they could proc multiple times in 1 hit if you are wearing more than 1 piece.

  • Counting sheep & Guard Dog both require a full set to activate now.

Dishonor (Plymouth):

  • Reduced the amount of time you have a pumpkin on from 5 -> 4 seconds.

  • When wearing the dishonor pumpkin, you now are given the equivalent of an iron helmet for protection.

Rainbow Strike (Iris):

  • Will only spawn a turret if the user is wearing a full set.

  • This enchant will still freeze the player even if your not wearing a full set.

Occulatium (Theseus):

  • Has a 2% chance to make you invisible for 4 seconds. Has an extra chance at also making an nearby ally/faction member invisible for 2 seconds.

  • Set Bonus: +3 Hearts

Perseus Grace (Perseus):

  • Has a 2% chance to freeze the enemy for 3 seconds, striking them with lightning and dealing 2 hearts of damage.

  • Set Bonus: +3 Hearts, Night vision and double jump ability.

Tojan Army (Odysseus):

  • Has a 4% chance to spawn a trojan horse model that does 1 heart per hit (1 min CD)

  • When the horse dies or 5 seconds have passed, 3 trojan warriors will spawn that do 0.5 hearts per hit.

  • Set Bonus: +3 Hearts

Achilles Rage (Achilles):

  • When below 40% health you have a chance of becoming enraged., When enraged you give off red particles and deal increased damage. (30 sec CD)

  • While enraged you have a chance at avoiding attacks.

  • Set Bonus: +3 Hearts

Outrage (Labrys)

  • Has a 3% chance to effect the player with darkness for 5 seconds and does 2 hearts of damage.


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't damage the blocks in a factions claim with TNT.

  • Fixed permissions for a faction member being able to break spawners.

  • Fixed milestone issue where you wouldnt get your clothing rewards.

  • Fixed an issue where you could use the border to get into bases.

  • Fixed an issue where you could sellall custom items.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldnt sell wood.

  • Fixed FWar maps from being filled with update blocks.

  • Fixed spectating duels

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