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Updated: Mar 15, 2023


We are bringing back the saint Patrick's event from last year with a few new items for you to obtain!

Including last years clover making methods, you can now obtain clovers from breaking Grass, Fern, and Leaves. You can get them from killing evil leprechauns at /boss and from mob loot bags. Event Items:

  • Leprechaun Staff

  • Saint Patricks Blade (PvE Weapon)

  • Saint Patricks Set (Armor set with each piece having its own enchant)

  • Saint Patricks Blade (PvP Weapon)

  • Saint Patricks Lucky Ring (New ring with 2 possible perks)

  • - Immortal Luck: Increases your chances of finding immortal items from demigods

  • - Expert Gambler: Increases the rewards you get from slot machines

  • Tags and Capes from last years event

  • New Rainbow clothes cosmetic

  • Lucky Pot

  • - This is a cauldron at spawn where you can test your luck at the jackpot.

  • - The lucky pot cost 100k to try to win the jackpot, every jackpot failure adds 50k to the jackpot.

  • - When the jackpot is won it will reset back to 500k.


This includes many changes we felt needed to be addressed and couldn't wait until season 28.

  • Rings are now are considered craftables under the filter

  • Rebirth items will be mailed to you if you dont claim them after dying

  • When combining books/items if you get disconnected for any reason they will be returned to your inventory.

  • Duels tie when the time runs out rather than awarding the player with the most health the win.

  • When a duel is complete, any offhand items are also given to the winner if gear is wagered.

  • Added protections in case a user loses items because of a duel loss

  • CF Cooldown increased from 1 -> 5 minutes.

  • Fixed a visual issue with playtime reward mail.

  • Adjusted playtime rewards to accommodate the mid szn economy.

  • Updated Krampus CEHelp to be correct

  • The texture/model for ED wings have been updated.

  • You can now view ring perks in /support


  • CD between challenges increased from 1-2 mins to 5-10 mins

  • Overall challenge time reduced from between 30 and 45 mins to between 25 and 35 mins.

  • Mob Slaying, Ore Run, Fishing Trip and Green Thumb required amounts for STR all increased slightly (x10 increase on crops)

  • I will make sure to let everyone know if we made anymore changes to the challenges during this season.


- Mob Wave Shop Price Adjustments

  • Cost for modifiers increased 15 -> 45

  • Cost for rebirth increased 200 -> 600

  • Cost of tags increased 100 -> 250

  • Cost of sword refinement increased 150 -> 500

- Fishing Adjustments

  • Sell prices based on the type of fish is decreased by 30%

  • Sell prices based on sell price (per size) decreased by 25%

  • Decreased the impact lure has the bite time.


  • Cleanses no longer remove your current effects and no longer reset egap cooldowns.

  • Ice shards now have a 25% chance of activating.

  • Ice shards duration now is between 1-3 seconds rather than always 3 seconds.

  • You cant freeze someone who is already frozen.


  • Reduced negative speed slowness from 5 -> 3 seconds

  • Reduced hypothermia freeze from 5 -> 3 seconds

  • Reduced sweet dreams regeneration from 15 -> 7 seconds

  • Reduced Surfs proc chance from 4 -> 2%

  • Reduced Guard Dogs damage by 50%

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