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  • The tower is a dungeon type gamemode with PvP and PvE

  • Players can party up into groups up to 4 and can compete for the fastest time to complete the tower.

  • If you die in the tower, you are still allowed to continue if your party manages to clear the floor. If your entire party dies, you will be kicked out the tower.

  • For this release, the tower consists of 17 floors. This includes 5 different floor types at 3 different sizes, 1 parkour floor and 1 boss room at the end.

  • If you are waiting for a party to complete the floor, it does not count towards your parties time record in the tower.

  • You can start the tower by going to /warp tower after reaching level 15!

  • Please note this feature is experimental and may be disabled if too many issues are being caused because of it. Please feel free to provide feedback!

Tower Floor Types:

Mob Floors - Players have a time limit and must kill all the mobs on the floor and reach the exit. -Only one party can do this floor at a time, if you join while a party is completing it, you may help or hurt them. Parkour Floors - At least half the players' party must complete the parkour before the time limit is reached. - PvP is not enabled on this floor Maze Floor - The entire party must reach the exit before the time limit is reached. - PvP is not enabled on this floor Key Floor - Players have to find the sleeping key and the exit before the time limit is reached - Only one party can do this floor at a time, if you join while a party is completing it, you may help or hurt them. Escort Floor - Players have to escort a crystal to the exit. Mobs will spawn to try and destroy the crystal. If they succeed you will fail the tower. - Only one party can do this floor at a time, if you join while a party is completing it, you may help or hurt them. Defend Floors - Players have to defend a crystal from waves of enemies. If the crystal is destroyed, everyone on the floor fails. - PvP is not enabled on this floor - Boss Floors - Pretty straight forward. You vs the boss. If you and your party manage to take them out you can get some rewards. - If the boss dies, everyone currently on the floor passes.


  • You can now craft rings at the Blacksmith!

  • You can find scrap iron and gold from mining iron and gold ores, treasure chest or slot machines.

  • You can find shiny diamonds and emeralds from mining diamonds and emeralds, treasure chest or slot machines.

  • You can find ring molds from treasure chest and the slot machines.

  • You can find ring enhancement crystals from treasure chests and slot machines.

  • To craft a ring, you need to have a mold and a shiny diamond or emerald.

  • To get a mold you need to find a ring mold and scrap gold/iron. Craft molds at the blacksmith.

  • Once you craft a ring, it obtains 0 - 2 random perks based on the type of gem and type of mold you used.

  • You can also upgrade your rings at the blacksmith. Using ring enhancement crystals and ceexp, you can level up your rings up to level 10. Everytime you level up your ring, a random perk has a chance to upgrade to the next level.

  • Perks at max level do not upgrade.

  • If a ring has perks on it, you can equip it in your offhand for the perks to take effect.


  • Added a refresh button to Coin Flips and Auction House UIs.

  • Increased F Focus arrow size.

  • Artifacts that are activated when you hit someone with them now message you the user you hit with the artifact.

  • Changed the mob waves participation reward to actually make the user have to participate.

  • Boss and Mob Wave scoreboards now include Ender Pearl and Enchanted Gapple timers.

  • Moved cosmetics in /settings to their own section.

  • Re-balanced level rewards to be more rewarding at higher levels.

  • Decreased the cost of cobblestone and obsidian gen blocks.

  • Increased allowed relics decrypting at once from 10 -> 20.

  • Enabled Ender Pearls in /wild.

  • Removed iron items from the slot machines.

  • Increased steel block health from 80 -> 100.

  • Increased obsidian health from 20 -> 40.

  • Removed having to use /fix twice.

  • Decreased Faction Join CD from 24 -> 12 hours.


Daily Playtime Rewards

  • -- Players now receive rewards for being online for a specific amount of time everyday.

  • -- Daily rewards reset everyday so you can obtain them again.

Season Playtime Rewards

  • -- Players now receive rewards for their total playtime during the entire season.

  • -- These rewards will reset when a new season occurs.


  • Added 13 new obtainable fish that are sellable.

  • Adjusted fish sell prices and loot tables for the new obtainable fish.

Fishing Crates

  • -- Wood, Iron and Gold

  • -- Obtained from fishing, use the item to obtain random rewards.

Fishing Lures

  • Added 4 fishing lures with limited uses.

  • Equip lures in your offhand to use them. Each lure has a different use.

Lure Types:

Heavy Duty Bobber - Increases the size of fish you catch.

Shiny Lure - Fish bite the hook faster. Dual Hook - Whenever you obtain a fish from fishing, you get 2. Net Lure - Increases your chance of finding junk from fishing (includes rod parts). Magnetic Hook - Increases your chances of pulling a iron or gold crate from fishing.


New Custom Enchants:

  • Green Thumb

  • -- Has a chance to break all fully grown crops in a 5 block radius.

  • Delicate

  • -- Prevents the player from breaking stems and crops that aren't fully grown.

Demeters Aura:

  • A spawnable ender crystal that lasts a specific amount of time.

  • You can pick it back up by shift clicking the aura.

  • The aura grows nearby crops in a 20 block radius overtime.

  • Found in the slot machine.

Hoe Crop Refinement:

  • Increases the drops you get from crops.

  • Charge this refinement by harvesting fully grown crops.


  • Labrys of Minotaur CE (Outrage):

    • Corrected CEHelp, the enchant gives haste not strength.

  • Control (Armor):

    • Proc chance decreased from 3 -> 2%

    • Now will not remove resistant levels lower than 3

  • Turtle Snap (Armor):

    • Now requires a full set to use.

  • Aphotic (Armor):

    • Proc chance decreased from 3 -> 2%

  • Negative Speed (Armor):

    • Make sure the player wearing the enchantment doesn't get affected with slowness.

  • Antimony (Sword):

    • Proc chance decreased from 4 -> 3%

    • Freeze Timer decreased from 3 -> 2 seconds.

  • Demise (Sword):

    • Decreased blindness from 10 -> 5 seconds.

    • Decreased nausea from 10 -> 5 seconds.

  • Sweet Dreams (Sword):

    • Decreased blindness from 10 -> 5 seconds.

    • Increased regeneration from 10 -> 15 seconds.

  • Haze (Sword):

    • Decreased blindness from 6 -> 4 seconds.

    • Decreased nausea from 6 -> 4 seconds.

    • Increased damage to players from 1 -> 1.5 hearts.

  • Death Curse (Sword):

    • Decreased blindness to yourself from 5 -> 3 seconds.


  • Persephone’s Gift:

    • No longer can be used in the open world (/wild)

  • Throwable Creeper Eggs

    • Obtainable from slot machines and the mob coin shop

  • Spectating Duels

    • You can now spectate active duels with /duels spectate.

    • When you create a duel, you are now asked if you want to allow spectators.

  • Zephyr Boss

    • Increased the boss base damage as he was pretty weak.

  • Coin Flipping

    • Players now have a 1 minute cooldown between coin flips.

    • Coin Flipping is now locked behind a community goal. You must complete the goal to unlock Coin Flipping for the season.

    • Added a CF wins leaderboard.

  • Community Goals

    • Increased the cost of goals after fishing is unlocked.

  • More Custom SB Options

    • Added an option to see how many blocks away you are from the quest you are tracking.

    • Added an option to see how many of your faction members are online.

  • More Quest

    • You can now level the quest giver reputation to level 5. Rewards and difficulty for quests have been adjusted to include t4 and t5.

    • Added the Territory Claim Quest.

      • After tracking this quest, you are given a banner that you must place at the target location to complete the quest.

  • Auction House

    • Now requires users to pay 10% of their selling cost to list an item on AH.

    • Removing an item from AH will refund the tax cost.

  • Creeper Spawners

    • Added creeper spawners that can be found at the shop.

    • Creepers have a chance to drop Enchanted Gunpowder that can be used to craft Enchanted Creeper Eggs.

      • Enchanted CEggs have a higher blast radius.

  • Mask Enhancements

    • Cerberus Mask & Taimat Mask

    • Can be obtained from the boss of the tower. Adds an extra enchant to a helmet that procs like other enchants but doesn't take up enchant slots.

  • Removed/Disabled items that can spawn rideable mobs due to issues with them being invisible/not appearing on some users screen.

  • Reduced Treasure Hunter F Challenge Requirements


  • Remove combat log after the duel is over.

  • Fixed an issue where any button in the auction remove UI would remove the auction.

  • Fixed an issue where a Glukos rod would be used when crafting an advanced rod.


  • Dionysus Bundle:

    • Dionysus Rank / Kit:

      • Intoxication:

        • Revamped

        • Has a 3% chance to impair your opponent making them miss 25% of hits for 5 seconds. Also gives yourself haste and a 50% chance to hit a crit on non crit attacks.

      • Protective Plate:

        • Replaces Hangover

        • Has a 2% chance to reflect a portion of damage back at the attacker and apply a random bad effect to them (that they don't have) and add a random good effect to you (that you don't have).

    • Pegasus GKit Shard

    • Wine God Tag

    • Vineyard Wings

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