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Updated: Sep 23, 2022


  • A quest revamp has been long overdue.

  • The quest master now gives 3 different style quests. Completing the quest gives you more rewards than before as well as builds up reputation with the NPC to get harder and more rewarding quests.

  • Quest are now more interactive and require the player to travel to locations around the map.

    • You can use /quest to see and track your quest. Tracking a quest will show a compass at the top of your screen to help you navigate to the target location.

  • Quest types include:

    • Treasure Hunting - Finding a lost treasure chest (you keep what's inside).

    • Package Retrieval - Find the NPC and obtain the package, return the package to the quest master to complete the quest.

    • Extermination - Find the location where the mobs are located and kill them all.

  • We have plans to continue to expand on the type of quest you can encounter later on.


  • We have changed our tutorial system to actually be more interactive and allow users to learn a bit about the server from it.

  • Every season you can complete the tutorial for rewards and XP one time. The first time you complete the tutorial you will get a cape and tag!


  • Added player 1v1 duels. You can wager money and gear as well as choose the map you would like to duel on.

  • The first person to die during the duel loses and the winner gets rewards based on the match's wager.

  • All duels are bring your own gear and do not supply anything.


  • In an attempt to slow down the quick pace of the server at the beginning, special perks such as free fix, and fly are now locked behind a community goal. In order for anyone with these perms to use them the goal must be completed.

  • Fishing rods are also locked behind community goals.

  • Completing the previous goals and unlocking the later ones can reward additional perks to everyone such as bonus CEExp from every mob kill.

  • Players who contribute to community goals will get a reward once it is completed.

  • You can disable the community goal prompt at the top of your screen in your settings.


  • Added the black market at the shop.

  • The black market NPC will now appear and disappear at the shops.

    • They will also teleport around the edge of the shop so keep an eye out for them.

  • The NPC sells normal shop items at a discounted price, as well as craftable materials and items that normally only appear during holiday events.

    • The amount of items the blacksmith has is limited, so first come first served.


  • Control now removes 1 level of resistance instead of all of it.

  • All armor enchants now give an additional proc chance per piece on.

    • For example, if you wear 2 sets of the same enchant (and level) each additional piece will give an extra 1% chance to proc.

  • Smash now slows nearby enemies and applies damage to their armor

  • Toxic now uses stronger poison and gives nausea now

  • Haze now applies blindness and does 1 heart of damage

  • Ingress no does damage to armor, now it shows armor durability

  • Interpret no longer shows armor durability, now it shows gapple/enderpearl cooldowns

  • Iron Army now spawns 4 iron golems and no longer does 1 heart of damage

  • Paradox no longer heals on kills, now it has a chance to heal as much as an insta pot when it activates

  • Demonic now rapid shoots fireballs, hitting a player they do 1 heart and set them on fire for 8 seconds

  • Digger proc enchant increased by 1%

  • Fullmoon does more damage at night and has a higher proc chance by 2%

  • Money Grab now gives more money

  • Stonks max level increased to 5

  • Lucky Hit now has addition 2% proc chance per level

  • Black dust proc chance increased by 4%

  • Adjusted sell prices for other crops that aren't used as often.

  • Doubled the health of steel and obsidian

  • TNT now does ¼ as much damage when it explodes in water

  • Reduced cost of custom tnt from 350 -> 150 each


  • Added player heads and effects to /filter

  • Added Potion of Sight - Gives night vision for 1 hour

  • Enchants that give anything above speed 5 now show a popup when it activates.

  • Added Wrath of Hephaestus - Obtainable in Community Crates

  • Added /top - Additional leaderboards that users can compete for.

  • Added an Item Protector

    • You can combine this with tools to get a warning sound/message when its less than 15% durability.

  • Revamped blood crate rewards

    • Added a new blood set.

    • New Blood Wings Cosmetics

    • Revamped the blood cape

    • Changed several other rewards to make the crate more worth.

  • Added /f chest

    • This is a private chest for that individual faction. You must have perms to access this chest.

    • You can enable or disable the option to get log alerts when someone opens the f chest.

  • Added coin flipping

    • You can now coin clip against other players. Winner takes all.

  • You can now destroy forge notes that are under 15% at the blacksmith to turn it into forge dust.

  • Added a demigod fishing rod that catches slightly bigger fish.

  • Added /f focus - A way to target specific players at pvp

  • Added the green thumb faction challenge

    • Compete for the most carrots/potatoes farmed.


  • You can no longer start auctions if your expired bin has 3 or more items in it.

  • CE Help is now alphabetized

  • You can change your name color back to default if you want

  • Cosmetics such as wings and other 3d items are now disabled at PVP and in Duels

  • Adjusted the player's hitbox to be smaller while at the boss arena to help with being able to damage the boss.

  • You now must wait 24 hours after leaving a faction to join a new one.

  • Cleansing potions now have a 5 minute cooldown per faction.

  • Enchants that use lightning now use a particle instead of the minecraft lightning entity.

  • NPCs now have more information in their UIs.

  • New level reward cosmetics.

  • /wild will no longer put you somewhere near spawn, or in water.

  • Renamed fishing rod tiers.

  • You can now place sand again, but you cannot place sand on top of sand or above air.


  • You have to have spawner perms to unstack spawners in a claim

  • You can now sell any type of wood/log

  • Fixed hades boss being forever immortal

  • Fixed /f map

  • Fixed issue where wrath books would have the lore twice

  • Fixed the issue where the blacksmith would take any fishing rod when crafting higher tiered rods.

  • Reworked several kit artifacts to make them more relevant.

  • Fixed issue where steel bones would cause the attack cooldown to bug out.

  • If a player dies to a CE, the last person to hit them gets the loot protection credit.

  • Added protections to royal to prevent players being teleport inside of blocks

Thank you to all the players who continue to support and play ECPE!

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Sep 23, 2022


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