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Updated: Jun 3, 2022


  • AntiDarkness

    • Night vision now applies to teammates in a 4 block radius

    • Now gives blindness to enemies in a 4 block radius

    • No longer heals 2 hearts

  • Guard Dog

    • Decreased dog health from 100 -> 75


  • Hypothermia

    • Freeze time increased from 3 -> 5 seconds

    • Damage increased from 1 -> 1.5 hearts

  • BalanceBreaker

    • Damage increased from 1 -> 2 hearts

    • Range decreased from 12 -> 8 blocks

  • Excalibur

    • Damage increased from 2 -> 2.5 hearts

  • Shine

    • Blindness duration increased from 3 -> 4 seconds

    • Proc chance increased from 3 -> 4%

  • Revenge

    • Damage increased from 1.5 -> 2 hearts

    • Range decreased from 5 -> 3 blocks


  • Armor enchants no longer stack

    • If you have 2 armor pieces with the same enchant, the enchant with the highest level will have a chance at activating.

  • Bleeding and Berserker can no longer be added to axes

  • New Axe Enchants

    • Barbarian

      • Gives perm strength while holding the item

    • Butcher

      • Has a chance to bleed and slow enemies

  • New Bow Enchants

    • Swift

      • Has a chance to give speed 5 when hitting a player

    • Triple Shot

      • Has a chance to shoot 3 arrows instead of 1

    • Ice Arrow

      • Has a chance to freeze the player hit


  • Bosses now have custom drops that can be used to craft items.

    • Blade Of Ares

      • Summons regular size players with regular player speed that have 100 health each and do 2 hearts of damage per hit.

      • Crafted with Mars Fragments which come from the boss Ares

    • Lotus Staff

      • Gives nausea 3 for 5 seconds and deals 3 hearts of damage.

      • Crafted with Droplets of Lotus which come from Hera

    • Apollo’s Golden Bow

      • Summons a Sun in the sky dealing 3 hearts of damage, removes fire resistance, and does fire damage.

      • Crafted with Golden Bow Fragments which come from the boss Apollo

    • Poseidon’s Trident

      • Deals 2 hearts of damage and makes your opponent lose saturation and gain blindness for five seconds.

      • Crafted with Trident Fragments that come from Poseidon

    • Aegis Armor

      • Take less damage and freeze everyone in a 4 by 4 radius for two seconds

      • Crafted with Medusa’s Head in which you have to craft those with Serpent Scales

    • Medusa’s Head

      • Freezes the player you hit for 5 seconds

      • Crafted with Serpent Scales that come from Athena

    • Persephone’s Gift

      • Teleports all nearby players in a 5x5 radius to you! But it's a one time use

      • Crafted with Gift Wrapping from the boss Hades

    • Lion’s Chestplate

      • Used to make you turn into a giant to take less damage

      • Crafted with Lion’s Skin from Hercules

    • Zeus lightning bolt

      • Used to scramble nearby players armor

      • Crafted with Lightning Orbs from Zeus


  • Added a new rideable cannon model

  • Added 4 new custom TNT

    • Works as regular tnt (place and light it)

    • Can be used with the obsidian-button cannon

    • Can be used as ammo in the tnt cannon

  • Sponge TNT

    • Destroys nearby water blocks.

  • Slimy TNT

    • Slows down once it comes in contact with a wall or floor.

  • Cluster TNT

    • Splits into 4 extra explosions when it explodes.

  • Driller TNT

    • Explodes and causes more explosions below the tnt.

  • Introducing Block Health:

    • Obsidian and Steel have health and destroy after losing all of its health.

    • TNT does damage to nearby blocks when it explodes

    • You can check the health of a block with a potato

    • A health block gets its health back after being replaced or server reboots

  • Steel Blocks

    • Has 40 Health (Obsidian has 20)

    • Can be crafted with 5 steel bars (from Iron golems) in a crafting table


  • Mending potions are now fire res potions to reduce confusion.

  • Additional faction commands (/f logger, /f members, /f rules)

  • Factions no longer have a 10 wall limit

  • Boss rewards are now viewable in /support -> Boss

  • You now have to do a minimum of 100 damage to receive rewards from bosses

  • Kills in the wild no longer count for your KDA

  • You can now open a crate multiple times by shift clicking it

  • Additional rank perms

    • MD

      • Now has /echest and free fix

      • Extra AH slots and 15 available homes

      • Now has big chat

    • UD

      • Now has /echest

      • Extra AH slots and 14 available homes

      • Now has big chat

      • 75% off fix cost

    • WD

      • Extra AH Slots and 13 available homes

      • 35% off fix cost

    • GodEater

      • 13 Available homes

      • 25% off fix cost

  • Spawner mobs now take additional damage from AFK methods like Lava, Drowning and Suffocation.

  • New look and feel to kit effects

  • You can now add sharpness to axes in the blacksmith

  • Added crop twerking

  • You can no longer get past the world border.

    • You no longer die when coming in contact with the border while in combat.

  • Opening a blood crate and king crate now sends a broadcast to everyone online.

  • Hades' name color changed.

  • Removed CE Armor refinements

  • Max tier mob coin refinement is now 2

  • Inferno summoner is now available from demigods


  • Axe Refinement

    • This refinement does extra damage to armor

    • Change the crystal by collecting ancient wood

  • Ancient wood

    • Collect ancient wood randomly from logs

    • Ancient wood sells for coins and is used to craft the “Wood Cutter”

  • Wood Cutter

    • An axe with an increased chance at finding ancient wood

  • Ancient Axe

    • Crafted with ancient wood, it can increase the amount of drops you get from crops (x3)

  • Added 3D Cosmetics for players at the top of the leaderboard

    • If you are top 3 in Money, Level or Kills. You now get a cosmetic on your player skin

  • Lottery Event

    • A random event where one player wins it all!

    • For 10 minutes, players can purchase lottery tickets. Once the event ends, one lucky player will win it all!

  • Slot Machines

    • The gambler now has some equipment!

    • Slot machines can be found at spawn.

    • You can spin them using a slot machine ticket. You can purchase tickets from the Gambler.

      • Has various items including x3 boosters, sell wands and death tags!

  • Boss scoreboard

    • You can now see the active boss damage leaderboard

    • This automatically enables if you have automatic scoreboard setting on.

  • Mob Scroll

    • Used to keep track of the amount of mob kills on an item

  • Added a June 2022 Monthly Crate!

  • Added Play time to /pinfo

  • All bosses now have 3 new abilities to use during fights.


  • Fixed bug with auto smelt and stonks not working

  • Fixed bug where modifiers wouldn't stop when your offline

  • Fixed hermes armor having looting on it

  • Fixed bug where kit chest wouldnt delete once empty


  • New Capes and Tags for level rewards

  • Treasure chest now has a mob scroll and axe refinement


  • New Hypnos Bundle!

    • Hypnos Rank

    • Inferno GKit Shard

    • Grim Reaper Tag

    • Sleep Cape

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