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OP Factions Season 24

Fog of War:

The Fog of War event happens at 6PM EST every Friday (except for the day of release). This is a free-for-all event (friendly fire is enabled). Nametags are disabled at outpost during this event. A "King" will be marked with a crown on their head, the longer they have the crown, the more point they get. You can kill the king to get their crown. The top 3 players on the leaderboard when the event ends will receive rewards.


Do you think you aren't overpowered enough already? You can use refinements to increase your stats of your swords, armor, bows, or pickaxes. "Refinement Crystals" are use to apply a specific buff to your item, however before you can do that you have to charge the crystal. You can charge the crystal by completing the challenge in the description of the item, you can only charge one crystal at a time.

With refinements you can improve your:

  • Sword Damage (Sword)

  • Mob Coin Chance (Sword)

  • Protection (Armor)

  • Custom Enchant Activation Chance (Armor & Pickaxe)

  • Arrow Speed (Bow)

  • Arrow Damage (Bow)

  • Relic Chance (Pickaxe)

Faction Changes:

  • Additional faction permissions were added:

    • Break Crops

    • Place Crops

    • Breaking Spawners

    • Spend faction shop points

    • See faction logger

    • Create faction ranks

    • Modify rank hierarchy

    • Promote and demote people (below current rank)

    • Upgrading faction perks and level

    • Accept recruitment applications

  • Faction hierarchy (Leader -> Officer -> Member) is now customizable

  • You can now create an application for players to fill out in order to join your faction

  • Additional information was added to the Faction Log

  • Allies were reduced back to 1 per faction

  • Faction member limit was reduced to 15 members

Quality of Life Improvements:

We have received multiple requests to have some sort of "my kill, my loot" feature added on our servers. While this would produce a non-competitive environment we have come up with an in-between for what we think is fair. We have added two new commands to help you in the outpost world:

  • /filter will prevent you from picking up things that aren't important, and will prioritize health potions, gear, etc.

  • /loot < on | off | add | remove | list > allows you or players you have whitelisted on your /loot to pickup the loot for the first 5 seconds that it is on the ground. You can add or remove players from your loot whitelist by using /loot <add | remove> <player>

Along with these changes we have also done a few miscellaneous changes:

  • The hitbox of the boss is now larger

  • Player hitboxes are smaller while in the boss arena

  • Mob coins received from killing mobs are now shown above your hotbar

  • You can now hide or show players at spawn in /settings

  • You can now use a Boss/Demigod timer in your custom scoreboard in /settings

  • Confirm Item Drop in /settings

  • Floor Generators are now oriented to where you are looking

Hecate Bundle & New Cosmetics:

Go check it out here! This bundle is $42.99 and comes with Krampus, as well as some cosmetics. There are also some new cosmetics that were posted on our store!

New Features:

  • Mining Scroll: Counts the amount of blocks that you break

  • Dolabrous of Astus: Dropped from demigods, doubles your relic chance

  • Potion of Flight: Grants you flight for a short period

  • Dirt Generators: Useful for building massive farms

  • Fulfill (Custom Enchant): Gives permanent saturation

  • Relic Pockets: Pockets of relics that when found, give massive amounts of relics

  • Backpacks: Mobs will sometimes drop these when killed, they contain rewards


The following custom enchants were changed to increase competition and allow for a more refined combat system:

  • Legion: Duration 4s -> 2s

  • Seafarer: Activation Chance 3% -> 2% and is a full set bonus now

  • FireGod: Radius attack no longer affects the person you just attacked and is a full set bonus now

  • Guard Dog: 3 dogs spawned -> 2 dogs spawned

  • Lighten: Activation Chance 5% -> 4%

  • Medic: 2 hearts -> 3 hearts healed

  • Frosted: Gives blindness for 2 seconds, damage is dependent on amount of pieces worn

  • Skylight: Activation Chance 1% -> 2%

  • Sweet Dreams: Gives nausea and blindness for 10 seconds

  • Order: Duration 2s -> 3s

  • Intoxication: Gives nausea, blindness, and poison for 4 seconds

  • Scramble: Activation Chance 1% -> 3%

  • Titan: Activation Chance 3% -> 4%

Other Balances:

  • GKit Effects: Speed IV -> Speed III

  • Snapping Turtle: Reach was reduced

  • Dionysus Effects: Added Health Boost I

  • Iron Golems: Health was decreased

  • Iron: Sell price was increased

  • Cleansing Potions: 5,000 MC -> 6,500 MC and Duration 2min -> 1min

  • Skeleton Sword: Works on all mobs and the price was raised

  • Events: Duration 5min -> 10min and the top 3 players get rewards

  • Treasure Chests: Refinements were added to the loot table

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Plymouth armor not working

  • Faction and Ally chat is now disabled for muted players

  • Fixed being able to use ender pearls at spawn when it's on cooldown

  • Boss and Demigod timers are now saved before server restarts

Other Miscellaneous Changes & Information:

  • Removed /tutorial

  • You can remove refinements at the Blacksmith

  • Reformatted the Hecate rank

  • The "Durable" custom enchant was renamed to "Guardian"

  • Added a level progression option to custom scoreboards

  • Updated the server to use PocketMine v4.x.x

  • Our forced texture pack now includes low-fire

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